Course Evaluation (LVE)

The single most important aim of the evaluation process is to encourage a dialogue across all levels at the University on the quality of teaching, thereby contributing to the further improvement of teaching performance overall.

Quality Assessment Instrument

At the heart of the evaluation process are the online surveys in which students are questioned on their level of satisfaction with the courses they attend. In this way, students are given the opportunity to express their opinions on an anonymous basis and to refer to aspects of particular personal relevance. Instructors too benefit from the opportunity to recognize any problems and needs expressed by the students and, if necessary, adopt measures to improve the quality of their teaching.

Besides ensuring the quality of teaching, LVE is also required to report to various bodies (Executive Board of the University, Dean's offices, study program coordinators, student societies, Evaluation Office).

LVE periods and selection of the courses

The student course evaluations take place at the individual faculties on a rotating basis. Under LVE, all courses at Bachelor’s and Master’s level are subject to evaluation. Teacher Training for Upper Secondary Schools courses, language courses and other courses that overlap with the doctoral degree can also be included in the LVE.

Courses that end early in the semester are evaluated in agreement with the relevant CM advisor.


LVE is a quality assessment instrument that is regularly optimized according to faculty-specific circumstances, administrative guidelines and new technological developments.