Individual Course Evaluation (ILE)

This ILE service is held on a voluntary and confidential basis. The ILE process focuses on online surveys which can be ordered via the QM portal. All kinds of course types can be evaluated. An ILE can be conducted at any time, except during the respective LVE evaluation periods for each faculty. The reports on results are sent exclusively to the evaluated instructors and they serve simply as a means to improve and professionalize their own teaching performances.

This offer is optional and can be used in addition to the standardised, rotating LVE procedure.

If you have an individual request, such as using or changing your own questionnaire, please contact us directly via e-mail. Please note that the time for processing such a request may take about two to three weeks.


Procedure for Online Questionnaires

  • Instructors can log in to the QM portal and click on 'request ILE'  on the right side of the selected course. If your lecture is not included on the list, you  can 'request an ILE for an unlisted course'. After adjusting the settings in the order form, the order is completed by clicking on "Request Individual Evaluation".
  • Within the next few days, you will receive a confirmation e-mail from the ILE Team.
  • At the start of the selected evaluation time frame, we send the access data to the online surveys to you and, if student bookings are available, to the students, too. You forward the access data only to those students whose e-mail addresses have not been listed.
  • The students complete the questionnaires. Ideally, you make time available for this (approx. 3-5 minutes) during the course.
  • You can download your individual report on results towards the end of the survey period and discuss them with your students.


Procedure for paper-and-pencil questionnaires

Please send your request for a paper-and-pencil questionnaire via e-mail to the ILE office including

  • Course title
  • Instructor name/s
  • Questionnaire type (sample questionnaires see teaser on right)

The instructors are sent the questionnaire in PDF form by e-mail. The instructors print the questionnaire and present it to the students during teaching time to complete. The completed questionnaires can then be sent by internal post to the ILE office.

After the completed paper questionnaires have been received, they are scanned and analyzed. The results are sent by e-mail to the instructors in PDF form. We store the questionnaires for one semester.

Paper-and-pencil questionnaires are only carried out in exceptional cases for courses attended by over 30 students.