School for Transdisciplinary Studies

School for Transdisciplinary Studies (STS)

Implementation project

On 3 March 2020, the Executive Board of the University approved the establishment of the School for Transdisciplinary Studies and commissioned the Academic Program Development office to carry out the implementation project and to run the school on a permanent basis from 1 January 2021 (ULB 2020-96). 

The aim of the implementation project is to establish the School for Transdisciplinary Studies (STS) as a hub between the faculties and initiatives.

Connect, explore, expand

The STS aims to emphasize the importance of inter- and transdisciplinarity in teaching. It offers attractive electives in the field of future-oriented cross-sectional topics and competencies (e.g. sustainability, digital transformation, didactics, ethics, entrepreneurship) for all bachelor and master students at UZH. The STS facilitates inter- and transdisciplinary courses offered by various university-wide initiatives and faculties, as well as projects that foster transferable skills. The STS aims to contribute to a university education that leaves students ideally placed to meet current and future challenges and to act as responsible, innovative shapers in a pluralist society.

More information about the STS and the courses offered: STS Website